Why choose Organico?

Our Mission Statement


To provide a clean, happy, & healing place, which offers natural & organic food and products.


To support companies that utilize environmentally conservative means, sustainable organic agriculture and natural products that support our earth

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To lead and educate the community to enhance their health and well being.

We Are Organico Grocery & Cafe

Our Customers Say

  • An amazing place to go and grab anything Organico to make you feel happy. Amazing people, great service and the best Smoothies and Juices.
  • The juice bar is top notch. Everyone can benefit from a ‘kick in the right direction’!
  • Love the breakfast bowls and can always go for my favorite drink “ kick in the right direction “ you can hang out listen to music, use the free...
    Tom Dudley
    Local Guide
  • The prices on their produce is incredible! All organic and much better prices than any other place around. Fantastic prepared food and smoothies as well. Check this place out.
  • Their smoothies are absolutely amazing
  • Organico is amazing! They have a super kind and talented staff of chefs! I love how many raw vegan, vegan, and gluten free options there are. Plus the fresh...
  • Organico is a classic local-centric Health Food Store with a decent selection of excellently prepared smoothies and soups. The staff is very helpful and friendly, making Organico a community...
  • Great place for organic foods. I am pretty much addicted at this point. Smoothies and health drinks. Fresh To go food for lunch. It certainly is not cheap to...
  • Finally stopped here after driving past it a million times. I’m so glad I did! Their chia seed pudding is amazing.

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